Living Among Cats

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Over the weekend we started to combine our households. The first step was introducing the cats. The initial stages have included some hissing and general tentativeness, but on the whole I think the melding is going rather well.

Nekko, the oldest cat, has spent sometime in the kennel recently and therefore is used to other cats. She has been surprisingly casual about the introduction of Bootstrap to the family. She boldly approached him and his food dish the first night and hasn’t displayed any reticence at all since then.

Taz, the 4-year old, has been out of sorts and is presently camped out on top of the kitchen cabinets. As a kitten she was part of a group of pets that visited nursing homes, and she lived in an enclosure with several other cats. However, that was all far enough in the past that she has forgotten about other cats and her reaction the past two days has been, ah, hissy. Still, I think she is slowly coming around. The hissing is from closer distances and she is out more rather than hidden today.

Bootstrap is also 4-years old, and at one time lived with other cats himself. He seems least bothered by the other two cats, but then he is also coping with a strange new home. He hasn’t been very vocal and I think I’ve only heard him hiss once in the time he’s been here.

Hopefully soon they will all be co-existing with each other peacefully.

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