Furniture Shuffle

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Over the weekend we spent a fair amount of time rearranging the furniture. There were two goals in mind. First a shared desk/office space with room for various computers, printers, camera USB cords, pencils, scraps of paper, and good luck Buddha’s. Oh, and two people. Over the winter of 1992-1993 I built a wooden desk reminiscent of the teacher’s desks the public school system placed in all my childhood classrooms. By turning it ninety degrees and using a couple of TV trays as a printer stand we were able to fit all our computer stuff on the desk. She sits on one side and I the other. So far it is working out extremely well. The timeless design of the wooden teachers desk has proven to be incredibly versatile.

With our nerd needs well taken care of we turned to the rest of the apartment. We needed room for two upright pianos, each approximately five feet long. By giving away (“free to a good home”) a cheap corner desk we made room in the spare bedroom for the television and all the DVD movies. This has now become our media room. The addition of an end table and lamp makes this room very cozy and comfortable.

With the television and DVD stands out of the main room we were able to move the couch and chairs around creating a space along one wall long enough for both instruments. The wall the pianos rest against is an interior wall giving some buffer between us and the neighboring apartments. Still we may add some insulation or other sound baffle between the pianos and the wall to keep them from overpowering the space.

After two fairly active days moving furniture, vacuuming, and cleaning we were in need of some reward. Take out Chinese and a DVD in the new media room was a perfect end to a beautiful weekend.

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