Eleven People

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With the help of eleven people we move most of her stuff yesterday. There is something incredible in the generosity of friends and strangers. Without the help of these people we could not have done what was accomplished yesterday. The task of loading furniture and a refrigerator, tables and boxes on to the truck would have been quite simply beyond us. And the task of unloading it all just a couple of hours drive later would have been impossible as well.

That so many people came and helped, lifted, carried, packed, and cleaned, and did so cheerfully and willingly felt wonderful. Too often in life all we hear about are the negative aspects of people, to have a day where we saw again and again the positive, the goodness in people was very special.

So to Kelly, Jamie, Chris, Allen, Yea Su, Tengung, John, Michael, Ben, and the two guys whose names I didn’t catch, I say thank you. Not just thank you for lending your muscle to our move, but thank you for displaying the strength of community, the power of good, and the joy of shared experiences. Yesterday was a very good day for us in large part do to all of you sharing it with us.

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