A Weighty Matter

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Just over a year ago, on June 12th, I bought a bathroom scale and started tracking my weight. I weighted 250 pounds on any given day, and I wanted to weigh less. A lot less.

I had seen a blog entry about something loosely referred to as the “hacker’s diet.” Not really a diet but rather a system for altering the way you eat. In a sentence you track everything you eat, along with their calories, and use that information to eliminate the excess from your diet. And you add exercise. A simple, eat-less-do-more approach to living.

It was highly successful for me. I’ve lost, and more importantly kept off, 50 pounds of weight. That’s ten 5-pound sacks of potatoes. My weight has been stable between 199 and 204 for a few months now, demonstrating that I have modified my eating habits enough to maintain a weight.

I’d like to loss maybe another 20 pounds and so I need to start tracking what I am eating again, and increase the amount of exercise I get on a weekly basis. Whether I lose another 20 pounds or not, I am very pleased with myself for having the determination to a fifth of my body weight.

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