w600i Speed Fix

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For the last year or so my cellphone has been a Sony-Ericsson w600i. Overall I am very pleased with the phone, its features, and its performance. However, about two or three weeks ago it started responding slower and slower to inputs, either from the number pad or the multi-way joystick. It got so bad that I could barely answer the phone; pressing the “answer” button took so long to respond that the call would forward to the voice mail system before the phone answered the call.

Not good.

The solution was to take the battery out and boil the phone in a mixture of olive oil, thyme, orange juice, and salt free butter for ten minutes. Really. Actually just taking the battery out for 5 minutes and then restarting the phone seems to have returned me to normal performance. I’m not sure what caused the slow-down, but I am happy that it is working normally again.

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