Regarding the Men's Room

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Auto Flush Overnight, one night last week, all the toilets in the men’s rooms in the building where I work were converted from manual flush to automatic flush through the installation of some overly sensitive infrared sensors. I discovered both of these facts simultaneously when I shifted a bit while seated.

The flush mechanism makes a slight mechanical whirring sound as it winds up to flush the toilet. I immediately recognized the sound as the last place I worked had a similar mechanism. At the old building they were properly adjusted so that the flush never occurred until after you got up. These new ones are a bit twitchier and the slightest forward movement turns the toilet into a make-shift bidet. Hopefully they’ll get the sensitivity sorted out soon.

The best part about this development is that one will never again be surprised by the present the last occupant of the stall left behind. Why grown men can’t flush a toilet is beyond me.

Manual Flush The urinals are still all manual. I don’t know if there is another midnight plumbing exercise in the works or not. Grown men can’t seem to flush these either, but it’s less of an issue than with the toilets. One wonders if they bother to flush at home?

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