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The cubical I occupy at work is fairly nice as cubes go, it even comes with a small built-in whiteboard. The whiteboard is maybe 18 inches tall and 40 inches long. I had to request a set of dry erase markers and an eraser, but that was easily accomplished in a couple of days.

The wall that the whiteboard is embedded into is shared with the neighboring cubical. This wall is shorter than the others so that you can peer over it into the next cube. You can also poach dry erase markers and the eraser over it when you are too lazy to order your own set.

Now, I’m not opposed to sharing. Well, not very. But I really don’t like sharing when the item borrowed is returned in a lesser state than when it left. I’ve had these dry erase markers for, what, 45 days now? They are still new. The chisel points are still all chiselly. Well the green one isn’t. It looks like someone used it to pound nails into really hard wood. You can’t draw a nice clean line with it anymore as the point now resembles a mushroom.

So instead of residing on the nifty little tray at the base of the whiteboard the markers are now in my drawer.

I’m taking my marbles and going home. So there.

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