Wooden Floors

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Later this month Sibylle and I will be taking up residence in a townhouse in the neighboring suburb. In my entire life I have never lived in anything but single story dwellings. This is not to say that I haven’t lived in buildings will multiple floors, it is just saying that my dwelling has always had just one floor. (My parents house has a basement, but that’s their dwelling.)

I’m looking forward to living on multiple floors, after all, I have multiple virtual desktops on all my computers to segregate or group activities. Why shouldn’t my dwelling have divisions too? As Sibylle puts it there are public rooms, semi-private rooms, and private rooms. Having a staircase makes for a nice division between the public and semi-private areas of the house and the private areas.

The other aspect of the townhouse that I’m looking forward to is wooden floors throughout. Carpet is certainly nice, but much harder to keep clean - especially with cats in residence. As one of our cats requires twice daily insulin injections I’ve spend a fair amount of time in close contact with the carpets in the apartment and I am looking forward to a flooring surface that isn’t a magnet for every particle of dust, dirt, hair, skin cell, et cetera, that drifts down from above.

The last aspect of the new dwelling that will be wonderful is exposure other than north facing only. The apartment has openings only on one side, and that side faces north. Actual sunshine coming in will be marvelous.

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