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Yesterday, Sibylle and I spent most of the afternoon and some of the evening working on a new website for her piano studio. She has had sites in the past, and one weekend last spring I played around with some design ideas that resulted in a prototype site that never saw the light of day.

The site we began yesterday is farther along in just a few hours than the previous one, and it (hopefully) will be going live very soon now. As with many other activities we’ve shared in the past year, we discovered that working together on her business is something we do well. I thoroughly enjoy the design process as well as the nuts and bolts of CSS and XHTML. She is an excellent client who knows what she wants and doesn’t want, and is willing to say so. We were able to iterate through several changes to the site resulting in a layout we are both pleased with.

I’ll announce the launch of the site in a day or two, once we get the last wrinkles worked out.

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