Shedding Weight

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Since the beginning of August my weight has consistently been under 200 pounds. Moreover, for the past six days now it has been under 198; with a new low of 197.2 this morning.

Recently I started actively tracking my eating habits again, to see how much I was consuming in a day, and to show myself more concretely the snacking that has slowly been creeping back into my diet. My new employment situation provides free fountain drinks and I have been partaking. Also, I’ve been snacking more this spring and summer than I was last fall and winter. Writing down everything I was eating in a day showed me that I was eating on average about 2000 calories per day. Since my weight has been no more than 2 or 3 pounds above or below 200 since the beginning of the year, I think I can safely say that 2000 calories nicely maintains my weight.

When I started this project over a year ago my goal was to reach 200 pounds, as I couldn’t imagine losing more than 50 pounds of weight. I’d like to lose another 20 pounds, maybe 25, but I don’t have the same drive I did a year ago when I was very unhappy with my size, shape, and weight.

At the beginning of August Sibylle and I discussed in detail my financial situation and how it impacts us and our future. Disclosing the state of my debt and my on again/off again efforts to eliminate it wasn’t easy, but it was ultimately very good. We have a plan for addressing our debt and savings and future in place, one that is being very ably managed by Sibylle. The hidden benefit, or at least hidden until she pointed it out to me yesterday, is that since we discussed this I have been dropping weight again. From a high of 199 a week ago on the first to a low this morning of 197.2.

It seems that I set down more “weight” with our financial restructuring that I realized. I have to say that losing a few more pounds feels great but that coming clean and sharing the financial “weight” feels even better.

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