In The Sock Drawer

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On Tuesday I received a status update email on my passport indicating that the overnight return delivery should arrive Wednesday. Late in the afternoon Wednesday I got a phone call from the local post office regarding the delivery. Because we are in the midst of moving, and not knowing how long delivery would take I erred on the side of caution and put the new address down for the passport delivery, even ticked the “care of” box on the form and filled in Sibylle’s name. The local mail carrier wasn’t buying it, resulting in the phone call. The postal agent who called said that the carrier wasn’t aware that I was living there, and further that there was no one home to sign for the delivery.

I explained that I had hedged my bet regarding the delivery and put the new address down in case we were fully moved from the current one before the expedited processing completed. I also asked that they hold the delivery there at the post office so I could swing by after work the following day to pick it up.

Yesterday, Thursday then, we went to the post office and I got my passport. It is now safely ensconced in the sock drawer with her passport.

Cost of certified birth certificate: $32 Cost of expedited passport: $189.50 Being able to go to Europe with Sibylle: Priceless.

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