New Commute, Same As The Old Commute

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For the first time in fifteen years I have moved without also changing jobs. Last January I changed jobs without moving, a first in over ten years. Every move I’ve made since 1992 has been necessitated by a new job in a new city, except for this last one.

This morning I got up at the same time and left for work at the same time and arrived here at work at basically the same time. Google maps says I am now 21.6 miles from work (17 of those on I-35) whereas last week I was 20.4 miles from work (15.6 of those on I-435 & I-35). The drive time is virtually the same as there is less traffic, and fewer traffic lights, on the surface streets between our new home and the highway.

So the new commute is the same (more or less) as the old commute. This is a good thing.

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