Summer of Moving

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Sibylle and I have been moving more or less continuously since Memorial Day weekend. There have been lulls, days where we didn’t lift a box or try to figure out where to put things, but they have been precious few this summer. We’ve both experienced the dislocation that comes from being multi-residential, Sibylle more than I as she was for a brief period tri-residential. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been about 90% mono-residential, but that last 10% has been enough to exhaust us.

Our reserves, financial, emotional, and physical are nearly spent. Decisions about minor things are nearly insurmountable, and major decisions are enough to make us want to hide away under the bed with the cat.

Don’t get me wrong; parts of this summer have been wonderful and marvelous. Seeing the full moon eclipse a few mornings ago was special, especially since we saw the other one this year on a freezing cold evening in March. Hearing Sibylle play her pianos in our new home was satisfying and heart-warming for me. We both have expressed growing satisfaction and pleasure in our new home. We are still sorting through the boxes, trying to decide where to put the books, or the kitchen gadgets, or the artwork; but we are feeling more and more at home everyday.

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