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The transition from multiple residences into one required some decisions to be made. What gets kept, what gets sold or given away, can this be stored? Three pieces of furniture were put on the block for sale. I listed them in the mail room of the apartment complex, on my companies Intranet classifieds page, and many, many times on craigslist.

While there were several calls and emails about the furniture, I only managed to entice three people to come and see them in person. None of these people bought anything. In the end the couch and chair were donated to the National Federation of the Blind, and the massager chair will be stored in our basement. What started out as a potential $1500 cash ended up being a lot of work for nothing.

As each day passed and the asking price was lowered in hopes of getting a sale, as more “buyers” wanted to offer me less than half of what I was asking, the furniture began to take on a new significance. Sibylle summed it up perfectly when she said that this furniture has some karma.

Yesterday I let go of the karma, and the furniture. With the help of a friend they were set on the curb and covered with a tarp. The tarp had taped to it a sign designating them for donation to the NFB. By claiming the original asking price on my taxes next spring I’ll realize about as much in tax savings as my final asking price. That it might also help out a worth organization in the process pleases me.

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