72 Cents

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Earlier today I saw Kottke’s posting about finding 68 cents in his pants, immediately after guessing aloud that there was 68 cents in his pants.

Just a few minutes ago I saw that Shawn Blanc over at shawnblanc.net added his two cents to the discussion, with his posting, Jason Kottke and his 68 cents. Shawn’s posting takes the thought in an entirely new and interesting direction. That of what to post. And what it is like to have people discover you have a blog.

Zanshin.net has always been a place for me to catalog all my 2 cent thoughts, and occasionally one that might be a tad more expensive. I guess I’m not bothered by the rare topic suggestion I get for my site. If nothing else if gives me some feedback about what other people are thinking and what interests them.

Shawn goes on to talk about the moment of awkwardness that comes up when the subject of his blog comes up in front of people who didn’t know he had a site. Many, many years ago I worked as a summer camp counselor, shepherding a cabin full of 8 and 9-year old boys around for a week at time. The first time you share a communal shower with several cabins worth of prepubescent boys, and one of them says, in a stage whisper, “He’s got HAIR!” you pretty much lose the ability to feel awkward at people discovering new facets of your personage.

Hello, World. I’ve got a website.

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