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In about 90 minutes I’ll complete the last day of work before the start of our vacation. Sibylle and I are taking two weeks and traveling this year, all the way to Europe. And back. As with all vacations some measure of the fun is the anticipation leading up to the event. I’ve had a running countdown on my whiteboard at work for the past several weeks (Tage bis zum Urlaub: Eins), and I’ve got widgets on both laptops ticking away the time until our flight takes off tomorrow (20 hours and 40-odd minutes).

Mentally I think my vacation started yesterday. While I’ve been at work all day today, I’ve not been overly productive. I sent a few emails, updated a couple of documents and prepared my status reports for the next two weeks. Now that it is past lunch and the only thing remaining on my work calendar is a weekly team meeting, I’ve pretty my checked out.

On a related note, posting maybe sparse here at for the next couple of weeks. I have visions of putting up a Flickr picture or two while we are away, and maybe a posting here or there, but the truth is, I’ll be largely on vacation from this site too.

See you in October.

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