You're Welcome

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Many years ago my father pointed out to me that increasingly people don’t say, “you’re welcome” anymore. Since then I have become aware that by and large he’s right. At the end of most transactions, be they in the grocery store, at the bank counter, or in a restaurant, both parties say, “thank you” to each other, but neither says, “you’re welcome.”

Watch for yourself the next time you are at the fast food counter, the employee will had you your food, and when you say, “thank you” they’ll respond with “thank you” as well. Or at the grocery store check out, or the bank, or restaurant. I find that I am conditioned to say “thank you” myself, even when I know that proper response is to say, “you’re welcome.” Just last night as Sibylle and I were leaving the new Longhorn Steakhouse we were thanked by several people and I said “thank you” to each of them in return.

It’s time to become welcoming again. When someone thanks you, say, “you’re welcome.” Or, if you want to thank them too, “you’re welcome, and thank you!”

Thanks for reading, and, you’re welcome, I enjoy the writing.

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