One Monkey Down

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We all have debt of one kind or another. Some good, some not so good. The funny thing about debt is that one seems to acquire it faster or more frequently that one gets rid of it. When was the last time you ended a loan?

For me that was this week. Three years ago, after losing my job in Illinois, we were forced to sell our house there. Unfortunately the market valuation for our house was somewhat smaller than the second mortgage lenders valuation. In other words, after selling the house and no longer having possession of it, I still owed a considerable sum of money.

This week saw the last payment made against that loan. The monkey of paying for a house I no longer owned was finally off my back. I’m not sure the full meaning of this even has sunk in yet. Perhaps it won’t until next month when I don’t have to send a check to Illinois.

Some lessons are learned the hard way. This lesson was not only hard, it was expensive too. It’s done and paid for now; one less piece of my past anchoring me there.

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