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A few things that I’ve been up to lately.


A move from my current hosting provider to Blue Host, and a conversion from MT 2.661 to Wordpress. I’ve been at Pair forever and I have no complaints other than the price. Recently Sibylle was researching hosting providers for the new MAMTA site and through her I discovered that I am paying quite a bit more for my site on a monthly basis than I need. I also discovered that the latest release of Wordpress has a vastly improved MT import facility, so now I just need to take the plunge and convert already.


A new hard drive for my ThinkPad laptop. The current drive, the original equipment 80 GB drive is nearly full, so there’s no easy way to add a new partition for Ubuntu on it. A new drive (perhaps bigger) not only creates the space for a Linux install, it keeps the XP setup untouched just in case.

seriously considering

Making chili this weekend. The weather has been cold for a couple of weeks now, and I haven’t had a pot of spicy hot chili in too long.


Eye exams. While my laser adjusted eyes are okay for 90 percent of the things I do, there are times and situations where I strain to be able to see. My frustration level is almost to the point of obsession, so it’s time to get some professional advice. I’ll be scheduling a complete exam as soon as possible so I’ll know for certain what my vision is or isn’t.

NB: I got the idea for this catch-all category, “up to,” from a posting over at notmyself.com.

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