Primary Day

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Roland S. Martin’s commentary on CNN got me to thinking. In a nutshell the primary system in America is broken. There are key states, namely the first to host their primary or caucus, that make or break a candidacy. Why shouldn’t all of America be in on the fun.

My idea, and I’m sure it isn’t original, is to have a National Primary day. All states will hold their primary or caucus on the same day, during the same hours. In effect a dress rehearsal for the election to follow. Now the candidates, and their election machines, will have to focus on the entire country. And, as an added bonus, the citizens won’t be bombarded for month after month about what who is or isn’t winning in other states.

I propose, then, that the first Tuesday in May be National Primary Day. That leaves six months for the parties to hold their conventions and select the final candidate. In November we all go vote again, en masse, for the next President of the United States.

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