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In September, on our way to Germany, Sibylle and I stopped off in Massachusetts to see my friends Ted and Bethanne. And to see the Genesis Turn It On Again tour. Genesis toured for the first time in 15 years this summer, doing twenty dates in Europe and twenty dates in the US. Hartford Connecticut was one of the shows, and as it is only an hour or so from where Ted lives, we decided last March to get tickets to the show.

The show was fantastic, nearly three-hours of non-stop Genesis, including some songs they haven’t played live in decades. Before and after the show there were announcements that it would be possible to buy a commercially pressed CD set of the show, taken directly from the soundboard. Ted was generous enough to buy two copies of the Hartford concert and my copy arrived in the mail just over a week ago.

I’ve listened to little else in the time since. Years ago, when Peter Gabriel had the Security album tour, it was recorded and turned into a 2-CD live album. During the show we saw he announced that the show was being recorded for a live album to deafening cheers of approval. Ever since then I’ve wondered if we were on that CD. With the Hartford CD I don’t have to wonder, I know. Ted, Sibylle, and I are all on that CD, along with 16,000 other happy fans.

The only problem is a slight fear of wearing out those sectors on my hard drive that contain the MP3 version of the show. I can always get a new hard drive, I suppose.

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