Home For The Holiday

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This year Sibylle and I are staying close to home for Thanksgiving. We had talked about maybe going to see my family in Illinois or venturing to the far north to visit her sister, but in the end we decided to stay home.

The weather today certainly reenforced our decision. Yesterday afternoon it was a balmy, almost summery, 77 degrees in the late afternoon. By ten o’clock it was already down to 50 degrees. Over night it rained and turned much colder, with today’s high barely above freezing. About noon it started snowing, and the wind was raw and biting.

We did some last minute shopping this afternoon, and then came home and bolted the door behind us. I napped for a short time on the couch while Sibylle baked cookies and then made us dinner. We both relish Friday evenings because the entire weekend extends out in front of us like an unexplored road leading over the hill. Having a four-day weekend is delicious.

Where ever you are, dear reader, I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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