Weight and Finger Update

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I am happy to report that the nail on the finger I accidentally shut in a car door back in July, nearly re-grown now. There is perhaps a mm of growth left before it is the same length as its opposite number on my other hand. The new nail is, ah, featured; with two major ripples that span the width of the nail, and far more side-to-side curvature than it had before. I don’t know that it will ever be the same as it was before, but at least it is starting to look normal again.

My body weight has been consistent throughout the summer and into this autumn. I am usually between 194 and 196 in the mornings when I get on the scale. Without a regular, strenuous exercise, and with some daily snacking, I have found an equilibrium point, weight-wise. While a part of me would like to lose a few more pounds, I am very happy that I have lost 55 pounds and kept that weight off.

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