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After a long time on my current host, I am finally ready to switch to a new host. I’ve got nothing against <ahref=“” title=“”>, except that I can get the same hosting package for far less at any number of other established providers. If my site were heavily visited I might reconsider my move, but since exists far out on the long tail of the Internet’s power curve, i am satisfied to save some money.

There are actually three major facets to this migration:

Each of these major pieces breaks down into several smaller steps, which I hope to capture and detail here as I go. As it is the static of the two domains I already host, I’ll be moving And If You Did Know first.

Thanks to Sibylle’s research for a web host for a project of hers, I was able to choose a new hosting provider with relatively little effort. I am going to move to Blue Host.

Over the coming days and weeks I’ll be chronicling my progress, and detailing the steps I take here. Stay tuned, nerdliness ahead.

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