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December 01, 2007

After a long time on my current host, I am finally ready to switch to a new host. I’ve got nothing against <ahref=”” title=””></a>, except that I can get the same hosting package for far less at any number of other established providers. If my site were heavily visited I might reconsider my move, but since exists far out on the long tail of the Internet’s power curve, i am satisfied to save some money.

There are actually three major facets to this migration:

  1. Move and upgrade it from Wordpress 1.5 to version 2.3.1.
  2. Create a domain for Elfenbein Klaviermusik and transfer its files to the new host.
  3. Convert to Wordpress from MoveableType, and transfer it to the new host.

Each of these major pieces breaks down into several smaller steps, which I hope to capture and detail here as I go. As it is the static of the two domains I already host, I’ll be moving And If You Did Know first.

Thanks to Sibylle’s research for a web host for a project of hers, I was able to choose a new hosting provider with relatively little effort. I am going to move to Blue Host.

Over the coming days and weeks I’ll be chronicling my progress, and detailing the steps I take here. Stay tuned, nerdliness ahead.

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