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My employer has a parking garage under the main building for associates. Unfortunately the company has grown so much in the past couple of years that there is no long sufficient room for everyone to park in this facility. My employer’s parent company has a number of real estate holdings in the downtown area, and one of those includes a large, multi-story parking garage more or less across the street from the building where I work. The associate overflow parks in this detached garage.

There is a waiting list for spaces in the underground garage. When I started last winter I was number 107 on this list. Meaning that 106 eligible associates would get a space in the building before it would be my turn. The company has been going through some reorganizations, moving associates between the two downtown locations, and there has been some attrition.

This week one of the web developers with whom I am acquainted is moving on to a new opportunity, creating an opening in the garage. A quick visit to the employee intranet to view the parking lot waiting list revealed that I have been moving up in the world. No longer am I number 107 on the list.

Now I’m number 77.

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