Merry Christmas

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Over the past couple weeks I have become increasingly aware that fewer and fewer people you meet say, “Merry Christmas.” While my interactions with other members of the public, or store clerks, is by no means a representative sample, it seems like we are suddenly afraid to say the two words that have always (in my experience) been said this time of year.

That it appears we are allowing fear over offending others to curtail our expression of joy and happiness at this time of year saddens me. Rather than tip-toe around the delicate sensibilities of others (or worse, the imagined delicate sensibilities) shouldn’t we ask them to learn to take care of themselves? If society is going to allow itself to be molded and shaped by the most fearful among us, then I fear our society is headed in the wrong direction.

When I say “Merry Christmas” to you or anyone else I meet I am not trying to impose a set of beliefs, or dictate the way one should feel or act. If the recipient of such a greeting prefers not to have “Merry Christmas” said to them, they should tell me that, calmly and rationally. Tell me what you would have me say instead. But don’t expect me to not say what pleases me.

So I say to you all, Merry Christmas. And I wish you and your families, friends, and loved ones the very best.

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