| posted in: life is moving to a new host this weekend. The DNS change has been initiated and should complete in the a day or so. (For the uninitiated, Domain Name Servers provide the translation between the URL you type ( and the actual IP address of the site. Moving to a new host requires that the whole hierarchy of DNS be updated with the new information. This can take 24-48 hours.)

Since I am also changing registrars, there is a lock-out period where changes can’t happen. Domain theft has caused the registrars to insert numerous layers of protection to insure that your site is not stolen from you. That lock-out period is what will complete early next year.

Hopefully all you, dear reader, will see, is a change in the site’s presentation from the old visual format, to a new (temporary) format. Should there be a brief outage, please come back later, and hopefully I’ll have all the tubes plugged in and working properly again.

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