New Year, New Host

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At approximately 12:15 am this morning, January 2, the registration transfer I initiated last week, completed.  Along with the DNS changes I made then, this meant my site now resolved to the new server at Blue Host.

I hope to post a much longer, more detailed version of the story soon, but for now it is enough to sit back and bask in the warm LCD glow of my site in its new home.  Along the way I created two new sites, backed up several hundred megabytes of data (several times), researched dozens of minimalist Wordpress themes, and fretted endlessly about the details.  Being a nerd meant I had to have a project plan, and I created one in Excel and used it throughout the process to keep track of all the little details involved.

The current theme is only a starting point.  Over the coming weeks I want to mold it into my own look and feel.  Some of pages that used to make up my site will reappear, others probably not.  One new feature that I am excited about is the introduction of tags to my site.  If a category is a large, fairly statically defined grouping of posts, then a tag is a fluid, cross-cutting keyword.  You can see all the tags I’ve created so far by clicking on the Tags page link in the sidebar.

Comments have also returned to, after a long hiatus.  Leave me a note, please.

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