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My site lives on the long tail of the Internet. The long tail, in this case, is a reference to a power curve. Unlike a Bell curve, a power curve is what happens when a very few things have most of what is being charted, while a great many things have very little of what is being charted.

Web sites on the Internet are a prime example of a power curve. There are a few sites that garner most of the visits, and millions of sites that get little or no traffic. For the most part I am OK with zanshin.net languishing on the thin end of the power curve. The site exists primarily for my enjoyment. Still, I am not above tracking my visitors and wondering what causes a surge in my daily count.

It would seem, on the surface, that switching to Wordpress has gently nudged my site one infinitesimal notch towards the meaty end of the curve. Most days I see 10 to 15 browser views of my site. The last two days, the first two days of my back-end being Wordpress, have seen 26 and 22 (so far) visits. Hmm. Only another 39,978 per day and the site will support me financially.

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