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Recently at work I added all the conference room calendars, for the building I work in, to my “Other Calendar” list in Outlook.  This way I can click on the checkbox for a conference room and see its availability quickly; something useful when trying to schedule a meeting.

Today I wanted to add all the conference rooms for our other building (and the one I am moving to in three weeks) to the same list.  I’ll be heading up a project team whose members all live in the other building, so it only makes sense to schedule meetings there.  Easier for one of me to walk five blocks that it would be for eight of them.

Try as I might I could not remember how to added calendars to the list.  The only hit on Google that was even halfway close was one of those “you must be a member and signed in to read the rest of the article” sites that I refuse to use.  I even tried Microsoft’s support site and learned all the neat things I could do with a calendar once it was in my other list, but not how to actually put it there.

Finally I stumbled across the solution, which had been staring me in the face the whole time.  Below the “Other Calendars” portion of the navigation panel in the Calendar view in Outlook, there is a link titled, “Open a Shared Calendar.”  Turns out by “shared” they mean “other.”

Now I’ll go bang my head against the desk so I’ll remember this trick in the future.

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