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Like any self-respecting nerd with a website, I have a statistics package that tracks visits and page views on my site, and produces graphs and tables and other suitably nerdy artifacts for me to drool over.  My package of choice is Mint, from Shaun Inman.  (Check out the excellent review by Shawn Blanc.)

My visit numbers are amazingly consistent and, not too amazingly, small.  My site is about me and pretty much for me.  There are a few informational postings that have garnered visits, but the vast majority of the postings are about me as a person, or the events in my life.  Still, I average five or six hundred visits a month, and have for the two years I’ve been using Mint.

Since the beginning of this year, and the adoption of Wordpress as my CMS, I have had a slight bump in these numbers.  While I can’t find a logical correlation between switching frameworks and increased visits, I am pleased that I am getting more daily visits, and higher numbers overall.

All of which brings me to my point today.  Every time I refresh my Mint page (always open in a tab of its own) I wonder the same thing briefly in the back of my mind, “Will this be the day that my site takes off?”  And for a few seconds while the page reloads I can imagine what it would be like to see several hundred visits for the day instead of a couple dozen.

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