Digging in the Dirt

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This weekend was the first truly mild weather we’ve had this year, and Sibylle was determined to get the plants back outside for the season.  Saturday morning we started by moving the hibiscus, the geranium, and the fig tree back outside.  We then spent some time preparing the flower beds along the south side of the townhouse, and the ones bordering the patio on the east side.

Saturday evening we visited the nearby Wal-Mart to get new flowers, and came home with some lavender, a cherry tomato plant, a rose bush, a flat of stock, another flat of petunias, and 160 pounds of potting soil.  We planted most of the new stuff as soon as we arrived home.

Sunday the weather was even nicer than Saturday, and we spent the entire morning moving some sandstone rock to make a border along the south side flower bed.  The rest of the new flowers were carefully planted, and by noon the flower bed was looking very good.  With the day lilies Sibylle planted a week or so ago, and the pansies in the raised bed we made last summer, the patio and garden is shaping up beautifully this year.

The best part is sharing it each other.  I’ve never had a garden of any kind before, so I am enjoying all the new aspects of this activity.  Being able to be outside in the warm sunshine and fresh air is wonderful, sharing it with Sibylle make it all the more special.

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