Sibelius Simplify Notation Plugin Solves Latency Issues

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After a morning of continued experimentation with, and reading about, Sibelius, Sibylle discovered a posting online that talked about using plugins.  Also, I received a comment to my earlier Sibelius posting, that specifically called out using the “Simplify Notation” plugin to clean up a score that had been entered using Flexitime.  

It actually works.

Sibylle was able to play several measure of her composition normally, capturing the music in Sibelius.  The score was littered with the now familiar sixteenth notes and rests.  Selecting Plugins from the menu bar, and then the Simplify Notation plugin itself produces a sub-menu with several choices.  The one that we used was called “Renotate performance.”  

{{ $image := .ResourceGetMatch “renotate.JPG” }}

While we still feel that a plugin, and the extra step it entails, shouldn’t be necessary to capture a score, having the plugin does make capturing the score possible.


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