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Every semester in college, when the new course catalog was issued, you got to look for classes to take following the break.  There was always an anticipation in this process.  Reading the course descriptions, matching offerings up to your schedule, and wondering if Psychology 101 was really as bad as everyone said.

This week I am re-experiencing this kind of activity as I am sifting through the numerous job descriptions my employer has, looking for a new position.  My current position was created for a project that died over a year ago.  Momentum and some rather extensive organizational changes have sheltered me until now, however, without the project I was hired for, my position has become superfluous.  Fortunately my company is part of a very much bigger company, and transfers between organizations is not only quite possible, it is encouraged.

Starting next week I’ll be working with a specialist in the human resources department, sifting through the job descriptions and openings looking for a match for my particular set of talents and desires.  Today I took some time to look at all the titles within the organization, and printed out all of the ones that intrigued me.  When I told Sibylle about printing them all off, she remarked that having them, and looking through them was a bit like looking at the college course catalog for next semester.

I think it’s going to be a good next semester, and I am looking forward to it already.

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