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            <div class="delicious-tags">(tags: <a href="">programming</a> <a href="">tips</a> <a href="">exceptions</a> <a href="">error</a> <a href="">toread</a>)</div>
            <div class="delicious-link"><a href="">Ten commandments for developers ยป DamienG</a></div>
            <div class="delicious-tags">(tags: <a href="">development</a> <a href="">programming</a> <a href="">design</a> <a href="">usability</a> <a href="">ui</a> <a href="">commandments</a>)</div>
            <div class="delicious-link"><a href="">Reuleaux Triangle -- from Wolfram MathWorld</a></div>
            <div class="delicious-extended">A bit to drill square holes</div>
            <div class="delicious-tags">(tags: <a href="">interesting</a> <a href="">mathematics</a> <a href="">triangle</a> <a href="">reuleaux</a> <a href="">drill</a> <a href="">engineering</a> <a href="">geometry</a>)</div>
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