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One of the best parts about having your own website is the endless opportunity for tweaking and fiddling.  I’ve gone back and forth a couple of time on how to incorporate links I’ve posted to my delicious account; should they be in a “links of the day” posting, or just captured in the sidebar.  I’m not happy with the posting style since the links aren’t really mine.  Yes, they are items that caught my attention that I wanted to share, but they weren’t written by me.  So, once again (and hopefully for all time now), I’ve moved the delicious links to the sidebar.  I’ve also moved them a bit higher in the sidebar, to give them some added prominence.

The only downside to the sidebar location is that readers such as yourself won’t be able to add comments.  My site gets so few comments, however, that I am not really too concerned about losing this feedback channel.

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