Motorola Q Phone Impressions

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My new position at work comes with a smart phone.  In this case a Motorola “Moto Q 9c” from Verizon.  I’ve never had a smart phone before so what follows are my first impressions, after just three days use.

The “automatic” profile which switches the phone to silent when the calendar shows I am in a meeting, and reverts to the normal profile when I am not, is very nice.

The screen is sufficiently bright and the font, while tiny, is legible even to my trifocal assisted eyes.  The glass over the screen does smudge easily, but that hasn’t been a major problem yet.

The EReader book software refuses to install on my workstation, making it impossible to add to the phone. I’m not sure what the difficulty is at this point.  Being able to read e-books on this device would improve it’s worth to me immensely.

The size and heft are pleasing.  While the screen is nowhere near as large as the iPhone, it is sufficient for a extension of Outlook.  And since work is footing the bill for this device I can’t really complain.  The phone is light enough to carry comfortably in a shirt pocket, something I can’t do with my Sony Ericsson.

Overall it is a nice device, one that will prove useful as many of my days are filled with meetings now. Having had just a tiny sip of the smart phone kool aid, I am even more determined to someday have an iPhone.

Updated: Turns out the EReader software expects the Microsoft ActiveSync software, which allows for synchronization between the handset and your computer, to already be installed.  Once ActiveSync was in place, the EReader software installed perfectly.  Now my library of eBooks is available on the Q phone. Excellent.

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