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At about 6:55 am this morning I cast my ballot in the 2008 elections.  The whole process took about 30~35 minutes, which is nothing compared to the lines in some states for early voting.  I was only outside for about 5 minutes, and then the line moved indoors.

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Here are my notes, hastily taken on my Q Phone during my wait.

6:25 am - Arrived Vista Baptist Church.  Line extends out the entrance on to their circle drive.

6:30 am - Only five minutes to get inside.  Fortunately the weather is mild today so waiting outdoors wasn’t unpleasant at all.

6:40 am - Looks like only 7 or 8 voting stations.  (Turns out there were only 6 electronic stations, and one paper ballot station.)

6:41 am - The voting stations are electronic, I was just handed a slip of paper explaining that the machine will “notify me” if I haven’t touched the screen for two minutes “in compliance with Federal voting system regulations.”  Then you have 30 seconds to touch “resume” otherwise your activation card will be spit out and you have to start over.

Line is moving a bit faster now.

6:45 am - I’ve reached the table displaying the sample ballot.  

6:48 am - My turn to register.  No id check; just announce your name and sign the book.

Here are cell phone pictures from my summary page:

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And for my state level representative, this guy:

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6:58 am - Done.  Got my sticker and I’m headed to work.

Regardless of your political leanings, or perhaps in-spite of them, you should go vote today.

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