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Going to the movies isn’t what it used to be.  Or maybe it isn’t what I fondly remember it as being.  The timing of our weekly trip to Manhattan this Saturday allowed me to take in the new Bond movie while Sibylle was teaching.  The 1:45 show time fit neatly into our usual schedule so I went to the movies.

1:45 brought the start of eight solid minutes of commercials, including one overly patriotic National Guard recruitment piece.  Commercials.  After I’ve paid $6.50 for matinee.  

From 1:53 until 2:12 we had previews.  Obviously the previews are geared to the feature, so they are usually of interest to me.  But 19 minutes of previews?  The one for The Spirit, a graphic novel coming to the big screen, probably contained the entire story line in the several minutes it ran.

Finally at 2:12 or so we go to see the theaters self-promotion clip, filled with people happily consuming overpriced soda and popcorn. 

The movie itself began around 2:16.  A full 31 minutes after the advertised starting time.  Unbelievable. 

Oh.  As Bond movies go this one was fair.  I haven’t seen the previous one (or ones?) with Daniel Craig in the title role, so I didn’t have the back story for what is apparently a sequel.  The new actor is cold-blooded and almost robotic.  This is not your father’s sexy, double-entendre Sean Connery Bond by any stretch of the imagination.

Next time I think I’ll wait for the DVD and watch it at home.

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