How To Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet

December 01, 2008

Recently Jason Kottke twittered:

If I live 170 years, I still won't understand how to fold a fitted bed sheet. It's like you need an extra dimension.

Well, here’s how I do it, a technique learned from my mom.


  1. Find one of the corner pockets, it doesn't matter which one.
  2. Stick your forefinger into the pocket, at the end of the seam.
  3. With your other hand find the next pocket in either direction.
  4. Fold that pocket over the first one and your finger.
  5. One end of the sheet is now folder in half.  Follow along the now doubled edge, to the remaining pockets.  Being careful to not introduce a twist, fold the third, and then fourth pockets over your finger.
  6. The sheet is now folded into quarters, with all the pockets stacked on your finger.
  7. Using your free hand, line up all the edges, and lay the sheet on a large, flat surface, with the stacked pockets, and the sides of the sheet on top of the, quartered, main portion of the sheet.  I use the bed.
  8. At this point I have to continually remove the cat from the sheet, which adds difficulty to the maneuver.
  9. As much as possible, because the elastic in the edges of the shhet cause the sheet's edges to bunch, lay the sides of the sheet flat so that the outline of the sheet is basically square.  
  10. At this point you now have a (more or less) flat sheet that is square, ready to be folded however you want.  I go by thirds on the long axis of the sheet, and then thirds or fourths on the other axis.
Thanks Mom.
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