Hoisin Chicken

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Sibylle and I have been experimenting in the kitchen of late and have discovered an Oriental-style chicken dish that I’m going to call Hoisin Chicken.

Start by peeling and dicing two medium or three small yellow potatoes.  The size of the dice isn’t as important as all the cubes being roughly the same size.  Cover with ample water and set to boil.

Peel and slice a carrot, or two.  Add to small skillet with water to cover and a bit of olive oil.  Toss in a green onion or two for flavor.  You may dice these if you like.  Slice (julienne) half a red pepper and add to carrots and onion.  Bring to a brisk simmer and cover.

Wash two chicken breasts, and then cube.  Smaller bite sized pieces seems to work best.  Put three or four table spoons of corn starch in a shallow bowl and sprinkle on a generous amount of ginger.  I also add a bit of black pepper for taste and color.  

Heat two or three table spoons worth of olive oil in a skillet.  When a drop of water jumps off the oil, add the dredged chicken pieces and brown, turning frequently.  Once the chicken is browned add the vegetable mixture and combine.

I use two heaping table spoons worth of hoisin sauce, and stir until everything is even coated.  Drain the potatoes and add them to the skillet last and toss to coat.

Serve immediately.  Makes 2-4 portions, depending on portion size and amount of chicken and potato you started with.

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