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January 21, 2009

Sibylle’s sister (Hi, Schwesterchen!) asked today, via email, how I was liking my new job, and how we were liking living in Manhattan.

Location, Location, Location

Living in Manhattan is great.  I told Sibylle this evening that living here feels like coming home on several levels.  Through the nine months Sibylle lived here, and we were bi-residential, I got to know the city a bit.  Since she moved to Overland Park eighteen months ago, we have made regular trips back.  Manhattan reminds me in many ways of Decatur, where I grew up. It has the same small-town feel; nothing is more than ten or fifteen minutes drive away; without the rust-belt cancer that plagues Decatur.

Having a decent sized university in town adds considerable vitality to the atmosphere.  We both enjoy the coffee shops here, and are looking forward to patronizing some of the culture events.  That we already have a wide circle of friends here is icing on a very good cake.

It Isn’t About Ego

The team I have joined is proving to be wonderful. They are energetic, motivated, creative, professional without losing a sense of fun, and best of all, not caught up in their ego. Every one has been friendly and helpful, willing to explain and to answer my endless questions.

We face some challenges, and I am sure there will be tough days, but this is the first job I’ve had in a long time where I feel like I am getting paid to play.  Moreover, it is the first job in at least a dozen years where I started out conversations or questions with “How do we…” or “where do we…” or “why do we…” instead of “how do you…”, et cetera.  I felt included, and I felt like I belonged from the first day.  Something I wasn’t able to say about the last position.

In short, I am very happy with my new position, and very happy to be living in Manhattan.

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