An Open Letter To GoComics

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To Whom It May Concern:

I have read the daily comics since I was old enough to understand that they were in the newspaper. Since the early days of the Internet I have consumed them from their sources online. With the purchase of an Apple Macintosh computer some six years ago I have used Comtastic to aggregate my favorite comics for my daily enjoyment.

You, GoComics, however have seen fit to block the images of the comics to outside sources. Your misguided business model suggests that your fortunes will somehow be improved if you force consumers of your product to visit your site, and your site alone to read Bloom County or Non Sequitor, among others. Your site infested with ads and popup windows and otherĀ nefariousĀ “click me! click me!” traps for the unwary.

I refuse.

I will give up reading the comics if reading them means marching to the highly controlled beat of your drummer. They are available for free and with out all the slimy cruft of your grubby merchandising in the local newspaper at the library.


A Former Reader.

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Mark H. Nichols

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