February 14, 2009


husband |ˈhəzbənd|noun

a married man considered in relation to his wife : she and her husband are both retired.

verb [ trans. ]use (resources) economically; conserve : the need to husband his remaining strength.

ORIGIN late Old English (in the senses [male head of a household] and [manager, steward] ), from Old Norse húsbóndi ‘master of a house,’ from hús ‘house’ + bóndi ‘occupier and tiller of the soil.’The original sense of the verb was [till, cultivate.]


wife |wīf|noun ( pl. wives |wīvz|)

a married woman considered in relation to her husband.

ORIGIN Old English wīf [woman,] of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wijf and German Weib

Mark and Sibylle

Husband and Wife. February 12, 2009.

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