PlasticWrap Theme for Bluebird

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Earlier this week I downloaded the new Twitter client from {13 Bold} called Bluebird. While the client only runs on Mac OS X 10.5, meaning I only use it at work (my home machine are all 10.4.11 due to their aging G4 processors), I like the way it works. I especially like the theming capability that is built in.

Working from one of the provided themes, and using the PlasticCodeWrap theme for TextMate as an inspiration, I created a new theme called PlasticWrap for Bluebird. It sports a dark background, uses colors to distinguish between regular tweets, your tweets, and responses to your tweets. It also bumps up the size of the avatars displayed.

Download the ZIP archive, expand it, and copy the PlasticWrap.bbtheme file to ~/Library/Application Support/Bluebird and restart Bluebird to refresh its list of themes. (You may have to create the Bluebird directory if it doesn’t already exist.

Updated: Here’s a screen shot of the theme in action.

{{ $image := .ResourceGetMatch “plasticWrap.png” }}

Tell all your friends. Enjoy.

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