Install Eclipse Ganymede on Ubuntu 9.04

April 25, 2009

Previously I wrote about installing Eclipse Ganymede on Ubuntu 8.10, however retracing those steps wouldn’t work for the latest Ubuntu release, as the Synaptic package doesn’t end up in the /opt directory. However there is a very quick as easy way to get the latest Eclipse running on Jaunty Jackalope.

  1. Download your favorite Eclipse package from the download site.
  2. Expand the .tar.gz file, using tar xzvf. This will result in a directory called 'eclipse' containing the version you downloaded.
  3. Change to the /usr/lib directory
  4. Make a copy of the existing eclipse sub-directory: sudo mv eclipse eclipse-3.2. You'll need the startup.jar file contained here in step 6, so don't just throw this installation away.
  5. Copy the eclipse folder from step 2 to /usr/lib: sudo cp -Rf ~/eclipse .
  6. Retrieve the startup.jar file from the previous installation: sudo cp ../eclipse-3.2/startup.jar .

Now when you use the shortcut under Applications -> Programming, you will get Eclipse 3.4 instead of Eclipse 3.2.

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