0x30 Things About Me

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0x01: I am learning how to play piano, proving that old dogs can learn new tricks.

0x02: I was born in Brooklyn, but now I live in Manhattan. Kansas.

0x03: My favorite movie of all time is Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

0x04: I read Neal Stephonson’s “Cryptonomicon at least once a year.

0x05: There have been six cats in my life. Shalimar, Kashmir, Abby, Nekko, Taz, and Bootstrap.

0x06: I was socialized as right-handed, but believe I may really be left-handed.

0x07: I have lived in twelve cites. (Brooklyn, Elwin, Decatur, Brookston, Normal, Springfield, Vancouver, Summerville, Pawnee, Overland Park, Olathe, and Manhattan.

0x08: I have 6 websites (5 individual and 1 shared), 12 email addresses, and own three domains.

0x09: I have arthritis in my lower back, and a fallen arch in my right foot.

0x0A: Lasik surgery didn’t work for me, I started wearing trifocals less than two years after the procedure.

0x0B: I can listen to the same music over and over again.

0x0C: I have learned how to cook fish, something I never ate as a child.

0x0D: I have been to Europe three times and look forward to many more trips.

0x0E: I haven’t talked to my brother in more than two years.

0x0F: I have had, and used daily, the same primary computer for over six years.

0x10: I use serial commas.

0x11: I have great difficulty spelling and depend upon spell checkers.

0x12: I do not watch any television.

0x13: I do watch movies (on DVD) and some television content (also on DVD).

0x14: I read, on average, 75 books a year.

0x15: Usually I am in the middle of two or more books at once.

0x16: My favorite vegetable is corn.

0x17: My least favorite vegetables are all the others.

0x18: I like to do crossword puzzles.

0x19: Except for my wedding ring I don’t wear any jewelry.

0x1A: I am a strong advocate of “Net Neutrality.”

0x1B: Voting for President Obama was one of my proudest moments as an American.

0x1C: I own several copies of “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking.

0x1D: I have eight instant message personas. Nine if you count Facebook.

0x1E: Despite using only 5 or 6 fingers I can type about 55 words per minute.

0x1F: Over the course of a year I lost 50 pounds. And I’ve kept it off for two years and counting.

0x20: I prefer email to phone calls.

0x21: In three weeks I will have been out of high school for 30 years.

0x22: For only the second time in 25 plus years of working, I have more than 10 days of vacation per year.

0x23: I have owned (or leased) ten cars in my life. Plus two motorcycles and a scooter.

0x24: I once owned a DN class ice boat.

0x25: I have had my oldest Internet domain (and web site) for more than a quarter of my life.

0x26: If I couldn’t create software for computers, I’d want to create things with software; architecture or industrial design.

0x27: I have only 28 teeth, and three of those are plastic.

0x28: I’ve been to 14 rock concerts in my life.

0x29: My favorite food group is cookies.

0x2A: I cannot stand the flavor of anise.

0x2B: I eat cereal nearly every day for breakfast.

0x2C: I have three computers on my desk at home, running two operating systems, neither of which is a Windows variant.

0x2D: I believe that faith is not believing without proof but rather trusting without reservation.

0x2E: I generally take a computer (or two) with me everywhere I go.

0x2F: I have had my nose broken, along with a thumb and the tip of my right forefinger.

0x30: The oldest posting of mine I can find online is from December 8, 1995.

This is the 5th “things about me” posting on my birthday. Previously we had: 43, 44, 46, and 47. You now know 228 things about me (counting repeats and duplicates).

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