May 08, 2009

Last night Sibylle and I went to the opening of Star Trek at the local theater. We haven’t been to the movies in a long time, and seeing as how the opening of Star Trek and my birthday coincided, we took the opportunity to go.

The movie was great fun, and we both enjoyed ourselves immensely. For the first time ever, in all the years I’ve been going to movies, there was applause during and after the showing. Without giving anything away, the appearance of character on screen is greeting with applause from the audience. And when the film ended and the credits started to roll, there was more applause.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the series or the previous movies, I think this one is worth seeing on the big screen. It was well acted, combined humor with a little drama, and paid appropriate homage to the original characters and to the spirit of Star Trek.

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Mark H. Nichols

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