Ausfahrt Freihalten!

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In German, Ausfahrt freihalten! means “no parking here!” You see these little signs on garage doors and buildings to warn people from blocking a driveway.

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Since moving to Manhattan in January our garage has been too full of boxes to hold a car. Gradually over the seven and a half months we’ve lived here, boxes have been emptied or repacked and combined to take less space. All, or nearly all, of our books are now inside; and we’ve given away some things. The largest objects left in the garage were a kitchen table, a dining room table, and a table made from a door and two metal filing cabinets. One night this week it occurred to me that with some rearranging I could use the door table, and the kitchen table as shelves, and absorb their size functionally. Yesterday morning I put my idea to the test and it worked.

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So, we now need a Ausfahrt freihalten! sign on our garage door, as the car is now safely tucked inside.

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