PowerBook G4 vs. MacBook Pro

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For the past seven years my primary day-to-day computer has been a Titanium PowerBook G4. In a word this laptop has been outstanding. Except for a faulty CD drive early in its life, I have had no mechanical difficulty with this machine. I replaced the original hard drive with a new 100 GB model about 4 years ago; the original 40 GB drive has continued to perform faithful service in a USB/FireWire enclosure. I bumped the memory up from its original 256 MB to the maximum 1 GB. I’m still using the original battery, and the AirCard I added weeks after getting the machine. In short it has been a phenomenal machine, well worth every penny of it’s $2500 cost.

This morning I purchased a new 15" MacBook Pro, a uni-body model with considerably more oomph in the CPU cycles, RAM, and battery life areas. Oh, and the ability to run the newest operating system, Snow Leopard. There will no doubt be several entries about the new machine once it arrives, but I wanted to do a straight up technical specification comparison now, just for grins.

Technical Specifications

Solid-state trackpad provides precise cursor control; supports tap, double-tap, and drag capabilities

Multi-Touch trackpad for precise cursor control; supports two-finger scrolling, pinch, rotate, swipe, three-finger swipe, four-finger swipe, tap, double-tap, and drag capabilities

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